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In the course of global warming, the number of hot days in cities is expected to increase. This will heavily impair the sojourn quality of public spaces, especially if squares are completely sealed. Conventional measures of landscape planning are often limited as tree planting collides with the needs of events (festivals, markets, demonstrations) for an unhindered use of space. Mobile vegetation elements that may be combined with technical shading elements act as temporary green comfort zones and provide a solution for this dilemma.

Green walls, a water tank, and shading roofs are integrated in movable containers that serve as benches. These containers can be rapidly and easily moved by city-owned vans. Due to the solar-powered irrigation technology, the elements are independent from local technical infrastructure and may be arranged in different spatial layouts.

During a road show of the EU research project TURAS in summer 2016, a prototype will be presented in selected European cities in order to demonstrate the potentials and challenges of »urban green infrastructure«.

Mobile Green Living Room

Design and construction planing



OLA – Office for Living Architecture

In cooperation with Helix Pflanzen and GaLaTech