Office for Living Architecture


The Green Living Room is a green wall structure made of living plants and Baubotanik elements that has been built on a public square in the city center of Ludwigsburg. To subtly differentiate it from the surroundings and create root space, the Living Room was built on a 50 cm elevated platform on top of the town hall’s underground car park and can be accessed by stairs and a ramp. The southward border is a low green wall while canopies of London plane trees (Platanus hispanica) cast shade on the center of the Green Living Room. Two subareas open up towards a cafeteria in the North and a playground in the South. Open stairs towards the town hall in the West invite visitors to sit down. In the frame of the EU research project TURAS, the Green Living Room served as a demonstration site and outdoor laboratory to monitor the effects of Baubotanik structures on the local climate. Plants are watered by rain runoffs from an adjacent administrative building.

Green Living Room

Conception, design, construction planning and supervision of a pilot project LPH 1-8

Ludwigsburg, GER


OLA – Office for Living Architecture

Municipality of Ludwigsburg

University of Stuttgart, Helix Plant Systems, GaLaTech, TURAS

Helix Plant Systems

It Grows

Sommer 2015

The second summer brings lush green walls. It is blooming and buzzing.

Herbst 2018

Winter 2020

The Plane Trees dropped their leaves and show their gnarly trunks and thick intergrwoth.

April 2024